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I've received a staggering 14 calls from this number over the past 18 days! It’s ridiculous, really; sometimes they ring me twice in a single day, and yes, even on the weekends. The only time I picked up was back in March when I firmly told them I wasn’t interested in having a Smart Meter installed. Ever since that conversation, I’ve chosen to ignore their attempts, and they haven’t bothered to leave any voicemails either. At this stage, I genuinely feel like I’m being harassed, especially considering I’ve made it abundantly clear to EDF on multiple occasions that a Smart Meter isn’t something I want. I'm not certain if these calls are from EDF directly or perhaps a third-party company they’ve hired, but I’m definitely going to pen a complaint to EDF regarding this incessant nuisance.

This caller simply wouldn’t take no for an answer, incessantly ringing me even after I'd made it clear I wasn’t interested. It felt quite harrowing, as though I was being bombarded. In the end, I had no choice but to leave the phone off the hook just to gain some peace and quiet!

I received a call from someone attempting to peddle insurance, specifically mentioning Domestic and General. Strangely enough, I’ve spent over three decades with that firm myself! Upon learning that I’m battling cancer, the caller abruptly hung up. He initially contacted me on my landline.

Purporting to represent Domestic and General, this caller reached out to me. However, I had already had a conversation with genuine representatives from D&G, who clarified they don’t engage in unsolicited calls and exclusively use verified contact numbers. When I challenged the caller on this, he promptly ended the call.

I recently had a telephone call from the number 778-612-1000, on the 6th of June 2024, that was intended for the Courtenay BC region. I chose not to answer the call.

They've been ringing me thrice daily, and it’s relentless!

Received a rather unwelcome call from a telemarketer or possibly someone doing market research. I found it entirely unsolicited, so I’ve promptly blocked the number. No more of that nonsense!

Over the past couple of years, I've received a slew of emails from CRS debt collectors, all insisting on the same amount but linked to various companies. One of these firms was Clear Pay, which I'd never even heard of, let alone used. In a bid to clarify matters, I called them up, but it was apparent that I’ve not sought credit in ages. It’s clearly a dodgy setup; if I were indeed a Clear Pay client, I’d expect them to have my information and get in touch directly, whether by phone or through the post.

Someone's been posing as a Nationwide representative – definitely a scam!

A man from another country requested my personal information but refused to disclose the purpose of his call. He claimed he needed my details for security reasons. However, even after I provided my name and date of birth, he insisted on obtaining additional information. I found his persistence concerning, so I decided to end the call and block his number.

Received a voicemail regarding some tax dues from HMRC, claiming I must ring a number otherwise I'll be arrested. Utter nonsense—total scam!

Ceaselessly ringing me, it's clearly a scam.

I received a call from the number 07712005823, which purported to be from EE. The individual on the line asked for my personal information. Following the call, I also received the email below: --- WELCOME TO EketE SALES & PROMOTIONS Dear Sir/Madam, Trust this finds you well! We have some thrilling news to share – our latest range of mobile phones is now up for grabs at astounding discounts of between 30% and 40%! Whether you're a fan of Android or a devoted Apple user, we boast an extensive selection of premium smartphones from the most esteemed brands that will undoubtedly catch your eye. This limited-time offer presents you with a golden chance to upgrade your mobile without straining your finances. Order Information: Product: Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, 256GB Monthly Fee: £30.00 Tariff Plan: Unlimited Internet, Calls, Texts, plus 2000 International Minutes Contract Duration: 24 Months We have a seamless upgrade process for those currently under contract. For instance, we’ll take care of all your remaining bills, leaving you solely responsible for your new contract. Upon delivery, your parcel will include all necessary documentation in writing. Network Information: Just so you know, we’re authorised by all major networks. Should you wish to retain your current number and network, we can accommodate that. If, however, you fancy a change, we can easily switch both your number and network while settling your previous bills on your behalf. Additional Information Regarding 'Phone Contract': When your package arrives, you’ll find two written documents: a welcome letter from EE and a termination letter confirming that we will cover all outstanding bills, ensuring you're only accountable for your new contract. And what if you have a change of heart? No worries! We provide a 15-day returns policy. Prior to receiving your first bill, you’ll have a 15-day trial period to assess your satisfaction with the purchase, and you can return it without any complications. That's our pledge to your satisfaction. Activation Charges: A one-off activation fee of £30.00 applies, which is fully refundable. Post-delivery, the amount will be reimbursed to your account within 24 hours. Thank you for your consideration. Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales support team at 02081334695#800 Best, The EE Team --- I found it rather suspicious when he started requesting my EE details.

I received a call one evening after I had just renegotiated my broadband contract with Vodafone, thanks to the new super-fast service from Openreach now available in our area. The chap on the line had an Indian accent and claimed he had knowledge of the Openreach/Vodafone situation. I had a funny feeling about it, so I decided to cut the conversation short; I don’t entertain random sales calls. I instructed him to send any correspondence through good old Royal Mail instead.

I've been receiving calls from 0800 497 0623 on both my mobile and landline, sometimes even a couple of times daily. Strangely, every time I pick up, there’s nobody on the other end, which is rather annoying. I've finally had enough and decided to block the number on my mobile!

I've been inundated with calls at all sorts of odd hours this past week—some days, I even get two or three in a row! I’ve decided not to pick up; let them squander their time while I get on with my day.

I've received numerous missed calls from this number in recent weeks. Today, I actually picked up the phone, but to my surprise, there was complete silence on the other end, despite the fact that I could tell someone was there. After a bit of waiting, I decided to hang up.

This company clearly has access to the British Gas records. I didn’t share any details, yet the caller knew I had a British Gas meter, was aware of the account names, and even had my address on hand. Their pitch revolved around a complimentary meter replacement—though I can’t fathom why I’d be interested in that. Curiously, I never got to the bottom of what their actual aim was for making the call. Before I knew it, they hung up, and when I attempted to return the call, it was met with silence—no ringing, no one picked up. This seems like a blatant case of misusing the British Gas database, potentially in breach of the Data Protection Act. What’s the motive? Perhaps they’re looking to make a quick buck from British Gas for replacing meters, or worse, to compile their own client list for future sale.

I had a chat with the genuine D&G, and they confirmed it’s not them—advised me to block the number as it's certainly a scam. When they rang me, I confronted them about their fraudulent ways, and they promptly ended the call. It’s been relentless; I've been receiving calls from them every single day for the past three weeks!

I've been receiving calls repeatedly throughout the past week, at all sorts of hours—early in the morning, late at night, and even around lunchtime. Not once have I received a message after any of these calls. It's quite frustrating, so I've decided to go ahead and block the number.

I keep receiving voicemail messages on my mobile from this number, but I've never bothered to listen to them since they’re flagged as suspected spam. Even after blocking the caller, their nuisance persists. I just want them to disappear for good!

Although it claims to be British Gas, the accent of the person on the other end is quite hard to make out (this happened on both occasions they rang). It appears to come from a rather hectic call centre, where they keep drumming on about installing a new meter, yet they mention some issues with my so-called smart meter. Problem is, I don’t have one! They do seem to know my name and postcode, but that information is rather easily accessible these days. If they truly wish to get in touch, I would much prefer an email instead.

I’ve been getting calls from 01452 645004, but it’s always just silence on the line apart from some chatter in the background. Quite strange, really!

It took me quite a while to inform the company about the suspicious call I received. However, the attendant I spoke with was impolite and uncooperative. She even hinted that I may be exhibiting racist behavior for mentioning the caller's strange accent.
Quite frankly, I expressed my concerns that their company could potentially be involved in fraudulent activities, and that any blame should not fall on me.
As a result of my calls to Coopers of Stortford, my phone bill increased by £8.57.

I received a call regarding my EDF gas smart meter, but when I tried to inquire further, they abruptly hung up on me. Quite frustrating, to say the least!