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Making phone calls and leaving voicemails
She has an American accent and states that she needs to talk to... and mentions my name.

I receive repeated calls throughout the day, sometimes from Jane and other times from a man. They claim it's important and urge me to call back, with the man stating to do so before 1 o'clock tomorrow. I desperately wish these calls would cease. It disgusts me that these scammers persistently harass and deceive honest individuals.

Is there no way to prevent these unwanted phone calls, considering the fact that the caller ID indicates a private number?

I received a voicemail from a woman who sounded American and was speaking rapidly. Unfortunately, she didn't leave any company name. She emphasized the importance of not delaying whatever issue she was referring to. As I was occupied at the time of the call, it went to my voicemail, and the caller ID displayed "unavailable" on my phone log.

The phone calls are always from a private number.

Every day, a person named John King keeps calling my phone without disclosing the purpose of the call.
John King

Incredibly bothersome. Around 100 or more telephone calls have been made to me since March. The individual repeatedly intimidates me by saying, "You must return my call by 1:00 tomorrow." In response, I warned them that if they persisted with any further calls, I would take legal action against them. This warning came after I informed them that I have maintained a highly thorough record of each call received, which I indeed have.

Receiving nuisance calls with urgent requests to call back immediately. These calls are made from restricted numbers.

A few months ago, when I switched cable companies, they gave me this new phone number. Even though I didn't have a landline phone, I decided to buy a cheap one in case of emergencies a few weeks ago. Lately, I've been receiving calls and voicemail messages during the day when I'm at work. I know the calls aren't intended for me because I haven't shared this new number with anyone. So, I left them a voicemail from my home phone and informed them that this number is new for me and they should remove it from their contact list. I didn't leave my name, just the number they had been calling. Let's wait and see what happens in the next few days.

I missed a call because it was blocked, so I decided to let it divert to voicemail. A gentleman left a message instructing me to return the call before 1 PM tomorrow. I plan to wait until 2 PM tomorrow, and then I will use a public telephone at the airport to give them a ring. :). Rest assured, I have no intentions of using my own phone to make the call.

They've been dialing my number every week for a year and a half now, but I have chosen to neither answer nor return their calls for an extended period of time. Typically, it's been a man named John King who claims to be contacting me. However, today, I heard a woman's voice, who didn't specify the purpose or her identity but requested a prompt return call. This continuous cycle has become quite wearisome and absurd.
John King

I received a phone call from a certain John King, who instructed me to call him back by 1pm. He neglected to mention his location or the purpose of his call. I highly doubt that he is the John King, the renowned journalist from CNN. It appears that my life is rather uneventful.
John KingCNN

I received a voicemail from a woman informing me she was trying to contact me. She didn't leave her name, but provided a callback number. Despite blocking the number, I'm still receiving calls from her.

It's impossible for me to block the number because it always appears as unknown. However, I receive this call three to five times a week, and it has been persistent since we declared bankruptcy two and a half years ago. We managed to clear all our debts during that time and now we are in the process of rebuilding our credit. I have never called back because the message left doesn't provide any details, and I genuinely believe that if the calls were legitimate, they would have ceased by now. Additionally, I haven't received any letters in the mail regarding this matter. So it seems unlikely to be important.

Every week, a person named John King gives me a call, urging me to return the call by 1 PM the following day. However, they do not provide any reasons for requesting me to do so.
John King

I have been repeatedly getting calls from an unidentified phone number, and a lady named Karen left a message on my answering machine requesting an urgent call back today. However, I've been facing difficulty in identifying the company that she represents. Does anyone have any information about the company or its identity?

The phone number that is contacting both you and me belongs to a debt collector. They represent doctors' agencies, possibly other agencies too, but primarily their purpose is to collect outstanding debts. Your options in dealing with them are limited: either block their calls or settle the debt you owe. They have been relentlessly pursuing me for $106, so it might be possible for you to pay $20 to alleviate the situation. Bear in mind that they will repeatedly call you throughout the day and night. Ultimately, either blocking them or settling the debt remains crucial.

I am consistently receiving calls from this particular number, at least once weekly. Strangely enough, I remain unfamiliar with the individual or organization behind these calls. My credit rating is excellent, and it is my utmost desire for these unsolicited interactions to cease. It frustrates me that the callers never disclose the purpose of their communication. Furthermore, after reading numerous accounts of others who have dared to return these calls, I am deterred from doing so myself. Without a doubt, these continuous calls can unequivocally be classified as harassment.

After I attempted to call the number again, my phone unexpectedly rebooted itself. Now, whenever I try to place a call, either the screen turns blank or it freezes entirely.

Today, I received an unexpected phone call from an individual introducing herself as "Karen." However, I am unsure about the company she represents since the initial call was displayed as "no caller ID."

Unidentified male caller, without leaving a name or reason for the call, please note that I will not be returning your call unless I am aware of your identity and the purpose of your call. This persistent act can be considered as harassment, and it is necessary for it to cease immediately.

Who are these individuals? Why have they left a voicemail without identifying themselves?

I received a voice message asking me to call them. I am curious to know who they are.

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