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They called, but didn't leave a voicemail. It's quite obvious that it wasn't important.

There is no one who makes a phone call every day around 2 o'clock.

I keep receiving calls from a blocked number. Its phone number is 01159427666.

I received a call from an unknown number yesterday, as well as today. I chose not to answer on both occasions because I couldn't recognize the number.

I was called earlier this morning but I did not respond.

I've received four calls from them today, but I haven't answered any of them. Instead, my voicemail took the message, and you won't believe it, they didn't leave a voicemail. It's really irritating.

I receive phone calls from this number at least five times every day. I choose to ignore them as they can be quite bothersome. It is advisable not to answer these calls.

I receive a call from this number every day, and although I choose not to answer, it still causes annoyance.

And that's precisely the reason why the rest of us have to deal with these bothersome phone calls.

I receive a call every day, but when I answer, there is no one speaking and they hang up. Does anyone have any information about how I can contact someone to file a harassment lawsuit? I am completely fed up with this nonsense.

I ended the phone call with Tower health when they asked about the specifics of our sexual activities, and I promptly shared this with my husband.

I always choose not to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. Genuine callers have the option to leave a voicemail, and I will return their call. This particular number has called me several times without leaving a message. Since I have never picked up, they should just move on!

Have I made a healthy choice in purchasing £60 worth of tablets from Tower Health? To ensure the well-being, I recently invested £60 in tablets from Tower Health.
Tower Health

I receive calls from this particular number around five times every week, but I choose not to answer them.

I ignored their call as I have no desire to speak to Tower Healthcare, despite receiving two calls from them today.
Tower Healthcare

I can assure you that Tower Health is a trustworthy company, as I have personally purchased and used their products.
Tower Health

Does anyone have any further information about TOWER HEALTH in Nottingham? I believe this number is associated with them and they appear to be trustworthy, but I'd like to hear if there are any additional updates or details.

A mysterious number has been calling me.

I've been receiving numerous calls from this particular number, and it's driving me a bit bonkers. Does anyone know what it's in regard to or who might be behind it? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated as it's quite bothersome! Cheers!

They constantly play music and have the audacity to call three times a day, which is incredibly annoying. I assume they are a company that specializes in beauty and makeup products.

I no longer answer phone calls nowadays because I receive a minimum of 5 or 6 calls daily from these types of callers.

Special reductions are being offered by a salesperson from Direct Beauty Products. I have made purchases from this company before, but the contact number provided in the brochure does not match the current one being used.
Direct Beauty Products

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