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This was associated with Lloyds TSB.

Reported scam related to a banking account at Loyd's Bank.
Loyd ' s Bank

I received a call from Lloyds TSB the other day. It seems they tend to get in touch when you're adding a new payee for transferring money. Quite typical, really!

Who could be giving us a buzz?

I received 5 calls even after mentioning that I did not arrange for any payments and they threatened to disable my online banking. It's rather frustrating that they continue to persistently call me, especially considering that I don't even have an account with their bank.

I've recently received two calls from a number that isn't registered with my family's bank, and to make matters worse, they called at 1:10am. I highly doubt it's Lloyd's Bank, because why would they be calling us at such a late hour? This has caused unnecessary panic for all of us since we usually only receive calls after a certain time if there's an emergency. Tomorrow, during appropriate business hours, I plan on contacting Lloyd's Bank to investigate if it was indeed them who called. If it turns out to be their doing, they are surely in for a headache.
Lloyd ' s Bank

Indeed, it appears to be associated with Lloyds TSB. These individuals carry out such practices for security purposes, ensuring that your transactions are properly authenticated.

I have received an automated notification informing me that an international payment is about to be set up. The message also states that if I did not initiate this payment, my internet banking will be suspended. I am feeling quite concerned because I used to bank with Lloyds TSB before switching to TSB. I sincerely hope that my personal information has not fallen into the wrong hands.

I reached out to the bank, and they confirmed that it is indeed a fraudulent scheme.

Is there anyone who can shed some light on who might be calling from this number?

I received three missed calls at 11.30pm. There doesn't seem to be any issue with my account, so I suppose it's likely that Lloyds Bank is attempting to sell something.
Lloyds Bank

Please remain calm, as this is indeed a legitimate call from Llyods bank, which I personally bank with. If you are receiving calls from them and do not have an account with them, it is possible that someone has provided the bank with the wrong contact information. Simply give them a call back to report this issue, and they will cease contacting you inappropriately. I speak from personal experience when I say that this action prevented a serious online banking fraud attempt on my own account. My computer was infected with a virus that obtained my digital banking details and attempted to initiate a transfer. Thankfully, Llyods' fraud team detected the suspicious activity and apprehended the scammers before any money could be taken. To verify that this is in fact a legitimate number for their fraud prevention department, I suggest visiting a Llyods branch where they can provide confirmation.

This is definitely the correct contact number for LLoyds Bank Online Banking. You will receive a call from this number if a new payment has been set up on your Internet Banking account. This is a security measure to protect your accounts and ensure that the payment was authorized by you.
LLoyds Bank Online Banking

Hello Kent, Just wanted to let you know I managed to flog your dishwasher on eBay for a tidy sum. I ended up splurging the cash on some drinks and fags. My apologies!

This automatic call is from Lloyds Bank to verify if you are transferring funds. If you have a Lloyds account but you are not currently making any transactions and did not anticipate this call, it is advised to follow their suggestion and contact the bank.

However, if you do not hold an account with Lloyds Bank, it is possible that someone who does have an account has mistakenly provided them with your phone number.
Lloyds BankLloyds

I've just received an automated message from Lloyds TSB. Apparently, if you send money online to someone new, they call you before finalising the transaction. It’s a decent precaution, but it’s a shame they don't inform you about this beforehand!

I received a call from this number, and it turns out it's linked to LLOYDSTSB's anti-scam team. They were looking into some online transactions on our account to ensure I was aware of them. Interestingly, they didn’t require any details about my account, which I found quite reassuring.

Rest assured, this is not a fraudulent activity. It is the valid helpline for Lloyds Bank to verify online banking transactions. If you receive calls and do not have an account with Lloyds, it is possible that someone has mistakenly associated their account with your number. This automated service will make multiple attempts to reach you and can occur at any time when someone is conducting online transactions. Normally, the account holder would promptly rectify the situation if their internet banking functions do not operate as intended.
Lloyds BankLloyds

I just had three consecutive calls on my voicemail regarding online banking, but I have no involvement in such activities. It's evidently a scam.

I receive calls from unknown numbers at odd hours. These callers only leave messages on my answering machine, and they seem to be related to banking, although not from my own bank. It's about time that someone takes action against these nuisance calls.

The number 0845 300 2752 is a valid contact number for Lloyds Bank's online banking service.
Lloyds Bank

Hello Stefan, Could you please enlighten me on the whereabouts of our dishwasher? We placed an order for it last month, and we're still left hanging without any updates. It's quite frustrating, to say the least! We've forked out a hefty sum for this, and our patience is wearing thin.

I accidentally woke the baby at 5am, scaring them.

It appears to be associated with Lloyds TSB.

These nuisance callers have been constantly bothering me. Tonight, they went overboard by calling me 10 consecutive times after 10pm.

I just received a phone call. It seems like they are anticipating us to call them back in order to obtain our bank information. It's quite frustrating! Thankfully, the internet made me concerned about it.

I avoid answering any calls originating from 0845 numbers. They seem to be extremely persistent and constantly disrupt my peace. I am particularly concerned because my girlfriend does not have a strong grasp of English, and I fear she might inadvertently answer these calls when I'm not around. It makes me wonder why telephone companies don't assume responsibility for managing such incessant calls.

I recently discovered three voicemail messages from this number urging me to press 9 in order to approve an online payment. Upon reviewing these messages, I am relieved that I refrained from returning the call. Furthermore, I don't even have an account with Lloyds Bank.
Lloyds Bank

To continue with an authorized online payment, kindly request me to press the number 9.

I don't have a bank account with Lloyds, so why would they call me? Seems like a scam to me.

I received a phone call notifying me that I had made an online transaction. Being a customer of Lloyds, I immediately became concerned. Nevertheless, I ended the call and returned it to verify the legitimacy. Upon answering, the person introduced themselves as Daniel and asked for my name. I ended the call immediately as they should have greeted me with "Welcome to Lloyds Bank, this is Daniel speaking."
LloydsDanielLloyds Bank

Received a phone call at 4:52 am, clearly a scam attempt to obtain personal banking information. Quite an unpleasant way to start the day!

Receiving calls at an unearthly hour, my phone, originally on silent mode, showcased a series of missed calls. Thankfully, an automated message was left on my voicemail. The message urged me to press 9 if I wasn't anticipating such a call. Despite these repeated attempts to reach me, I chose not to return the calls.

Received a call from a number regarding an online payment with Lloyds Bank. Being unfamiliar with this bank as I'm not from the UK, I found it rather bothersome. The call occurred at 1:40 in the morning and has been happening every day since, which is truly frustrating and starting to greatly irritate me.
Lloyds BankUK

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