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There could be a potential agency engaged in gathering operational telephone numbers and subsequently selling the compiled list of numbers. It is perplexing, as they contacted me earlier, inquiring about someone named Katrina Denley. This occurrence strikes me as rather unusual because I have possessed this telephone number for over 20 years, and I am not familiar with anyone by that name.

I keep receiving frequent calls to my number and I am unsure about the reason behind them. It is advisable not to respond to this scammy number.

Nothing but bullies. They refuse to provide a reason for their call and never leave a voicemail. They continuously dial from various numbers, making it difficult to prevent them from contacting you.

I received a call earlier notifying me that my internet will be disconnected today.

Capquest - I have no idea who they are. They insist that I owe money for a mobile phone contract with Orange. However, I have never had a mobile phone contract before. Nonetheless, they refuse to provide any information without charging a fee. It's quite ridiculous, really. Take caution and do not make any payments to them. They're clearly just trying to trick people.

Numerous calls were made, but no voicemail was left.

There seems to be a high possibility that this is some kind of scam.

I received a call on my work mobile, but I don't know who it was. I have already blocked them on my phone due to receiving nuisance calls.

The landline rings at different intervals throughout the day. However, the caller never leaves a message and we never pick up the phone.

Today I received a phone call with an automated voice leaving a message for someone named Paul Mullen, not me. I ended the call abruptly.

They persistently call and leave voicemails, but when you finally speak to them, they don't truly express their intentions.

This appears to be a fraudulent scheme. They must not have obtained my residential phone number in a lawful manner as it is not something I disclose. I possess it solely because of my broadband connection. Luckily, I have BT Call Guardian in place, so unwanted calls are filtered out automatically.

CapQuest have indeed verified this. In addition, they make phone calls using a hidden number. I do not owe them any money, so I am unsure as to why they are contacting me.

I keep receiving persistent messages asking me to press one if I am Mrs Taylor, despite not knowing anyone by that name. This has been going on for a week about 4 weeks ago and has now resumed. It's quite frustrating dealing with such nuisance calls!

I keep receiving constant calls, texts, and voicemails intended for someone named Kirk. However, I want to clarify that I am not Kirk. It's incredibly irritating!

I have received correspondence from Capquest, a debt collection agency. However, I want to clarify that I do not have any outstanding debts with them. Consequently, I have lodged a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office, as it appears that Capquest is not maintaining accurate records given that they have no legitimate grounds to contact me.

I received a text from this number, addressing me as "Paul". In response, I questioned their use of the name Paul. Consequently, I have proceeded to block all calls and messages from this number!

My mobile phone keeps receiving calls from this particular number. Strangely enough, I am not acquainted with the individual they are attempting to reach. Furthermore, the messages received are not addressed to me by name.

I receive phone calls from this particular number on a daily basis. In addition, I have been receiving texts claiming that I have outstanding debts, despite the fact that these messages are addressed to someone named Jane - not me. Let it be known that I do not owe any money. To put it simply, I am beyond fed up with this situation.

Capquest, a debt collection agency, calls us around five times per week, despite the fact that we are not indebted to them. We constantly receive unwanted calls and voicemails from them.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused. I have been receiving a constant stream of phone calls for the past 8 hours, and now they have begun to contact my son, who happens to share the same name as me. I am seeking advice on how to put an end to this situation. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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