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The phone rang past midnight, and I chose not to answer as I didn't recognize the number. Based on other comments, it seems they always make late-night calls. Likely a call center from a different country.

At 23:51, my landline received a call from 02070319000, and when I tried to call back, an automated answering machine picked up.

This morning, on 1st April 2016 at approximately 6 am, I received a call. However, there was no response when I answered it.

I have been repeatedly called but the individuals on the line refuse to engage in any conversation. These people are quite frustrating.

I received a phone call at 4:55 am, but when I answered, there was no response.

I received a call at 6:08am and was absolutely livid. I missed the call but immediately tried to call back, as I have family in London. Unfortunately, I encountered the same idiocy that others have complained about. My 2-year-old is exhausted because of this number! How wonderful.

I received a phone call at 10:30 pm, and the voice on the other end seemed to be placing an order for buttons. However, nobody spoke, so I decided to call them back. I attempted various options, but unfortunately, I couldn't connect with anyone. This incident probably cost me around £50 for the phone call.

I received a phone call right before midnight on a Sunday evening, but I chose not to answer it.

At 23:02, I received a phone call, but there was no response from the other end of the line.

I phone

On Friday evening at 11:45pm, someone called me and promptly hung up when I answered with my name.

I received a phone call last night at 23:00. However, when I answered, there was complete silence on the other end. It seemed like an international call because it abruptly ended. To find out who called, I dialed 1471 and discovered that it was actually a London-based number, which surprised me. Since I have a family member in London, I decided to call the number back. But all I received was an automated response saying, "If you know the party line, press it followed by the £ sign." Perplexed, I chose to end the call at that point.

Please continue to contact me, as no one answers! I am curious about the reason for these calls.

It's past 11 o'clock - very late! Making a call on this line is against the law.

Received a call at 23:40 but chose not to answer.

On the 2nd of June at 21:23, I received a call and found no one on the other end.

It should be unlawful to make calls on a Saturday night after 21.40.

I was phoned on Thursday morning at 12:10 am, and the caller abruptly ended the call.

Received a call from 02070319000 at 11:06pm. However, there was no one on the line, and the call abruptly ended.

What is TPS currently engaged in?

They called me at 10pm but I didn't answer the call.

Received a call at approximately 11 pm! We had been out all day since the early morning and had retired to bed early, when suddenly this phone number dialed. It startled the dog, who in turn awakened us. Nevertheless, no one was on the line when we answered.

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