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Please report this number to the appropriate authorities.

They have been phoning continuously for two consecutive days without leaving a voicemail message.

These scammers are definitely up to no good. They rang me claiming that my loan had been approved. I patiently listened to their elaborate scheme about their supposedly "FREE" service. However, it didn't take long for the woman, who had previously assured me that there would be no cost involved, to start asking for money to cover vague analysis charges! Can you believe it? Analysis charges? I promptly ended the call, which is what I should have done right from the start.

I received a call regarding an approved loan, but I have never actually applied for one. When I confronted the caller about this number being associated with a scam, they refused to engage in further conversation. These individuals constantly attempt to cheat hardworking individuals out of their money. They should find a legitimate means of earning a living, just like the rest of us law-abiding citizens. In fact, flipping burgers at Burger King is a simple job that anyone can do honestly.

I received a message from this particular number, offering assistance with a loan based on my online application. However, I must clarify that I have not completed any application and I do not require any loan at the moment.

Please feel free to contact me three to four times daily, including at 4 am, if you would like. Apparently, there have been some messages claiming that I have applied for a loan, which is completely untrue. As a precautionary measure, I have blocked the number, so any further calls will be redirected to my voicemail. It is important to note that this appears to be a scam.

I received a call earlier today from this number, and they left me a voicemail at 8:49 pm. The person basically said that they have four cars remaining, and I suspect it might be a chop shop.

To trace this number, ascertain its origin and determine its user's identity and location.

Please be aware that this phone number is fraudulent and not associated with a legitimate lending institution. They are dishonest and untrustworthy, misrepresenting information. Exercise caution and do not place your trust in them.

I received a phone call from someone claiming that I had applied for a business loan and that it had been approved. However, I want to clarify that I never submitted an application for a business loan. Furthermore, when I attempted to reach out to them again, they refused to return my call. Based on these circumstances, I strongly believe that this is a scam.

I didn't answer the call from this phone number. If it's possible for you to prevent this company from contacting me again, please take the necessary steps to do so.

Strange phone call... It was not me who wanted anything.

I received a missed call from an unknown number today, but unfortunately, nobody left a message. I am not interested in any kind of fraudulent activities.

Operation Fraudulent Reworked Text: Illegitimate activities

Could you please help me identify these individuals who have persistently called me, reportedly attempting to defraud me?

I got a call today in the morning at 9:09am. The caller left a voicemail, asking me to contact them regarding a loan request I had made. In order to verify the authenticity, I decided to look up the phone number. I haven't returned their call and don't plan to. Appreciate the input. As an individual who is currently single and has suffered an injury at work, my credit score is not in the best shape, and I require urgent funds. I have explored various online loan options, but have hesitated to proceed with any of them due to concerns about credit checks and providing bank details. Given that I am expecting a significant settlement soon, I am particularly cautious when it comes to potential scammers. Once again, thank you for the warning.

We have received four separate calls informing us that we have been approved for a personal loan. However, they are requesting a processing fee. It is clearly a scam since one should never have to pay such a fee. These awful individuals are taking advantage of those who are already in distress. It truly sickens me.

I keep receiving frequent calls, and when I direct them to voicemail and listen later, the messages often contain inappropriate discussions. Furthermore, they forward these messages to an automated voice system.

They asserted that their objective was to connect me with the most suitable loans without any charge.

Making two phone calls a day inquiring about a specific individual

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