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I was billed £117.52 by a certain number claiming to be ATT, but upon verification, ATT has no record of such charges. They deceitfully obtained my debit card details and made unauthorized withdrawals from my bank account. These fraudulent individuals even created a fake webpage resembling ATT's official site, tricking users into calling their number and unintentionally handing over personal information.

I phoned this number, and they proceeded to ask me numerous personal questions. They claimed that I had an account with AT&T, even though I do not. After I ended the call, I received an email notifying me that someone had made a purchase using my name. It is evident that this number is involved in fraudulent activities.

I was informed that due to fraudulent activities associated with my social security number, my disability benefits will be suspended and I will be arrested.

I received a phone call from 1 800 331 0500 informing me that my telephone service is going to be disconnected. This has been happening consistently throughout the week, not only to me, but also to other members of my family.

I received a text message from 657-371-9267 asking me to participate in a survey about my Amazon shopping experience. However, upon realizing it was a scam, I attempted to contact them but was directed to dial 611 for customer service. To my surprise, when I called that number, an AT&T customer service representative answered. I explained the situation to him, and he reassured me that AT&T was not involved and informed me that the scammers had redirected my call to their number. Additionally, the recording recommended dialing 1-800-331-0500 from a landline, but I have decided not to call that number in order to protect myself.

Earlier today, I was contacted via telephone, and since the call seemed dubious, I decided to conduct a reverse number lookup. The results revealed that it was potentially a scam or a phishing attempt. Curiously, the individuals also instructed me to dial 611, claiming it to be a means of making bill payments. This combination of circumstances raises a few questions: What is the true motive behind this call and their suggestion to dial 611?

I received a voicemail from a robocall informing me that my mobile account has been suspended. It is definitely a scam call.

As we speak, someone is currently attempting to scam my credit card, resulting in a total loss of £400.

I just received a phone call informing me that my Verizon account has been suspended. However, I quickly became suspicious when I redialed the number from a landline and the person who answered identified themselves as being from AT&T. It seems pretty clear that this is a scam. These individuals can be quite irritating.

I would like to have this number permanently blocked.

Earlier today, both my mother and sister received calls from this number, which has raised our concerns considering we have a family plan with AT&T. It brings up the question, if this is a well-known phishing scam, why hasn't it been cautioned against?

I received a call on 29th December 2017 informing me that my AT&T service was going to be suspended. The automated message prompted me to press either 1 to unsuspend or 2 to speak to someone. I opted for press 2 so that I could express my frustration since I haven't been an AT&T customer for the past two years. However, once I pressed 2, I was informed that all Representatives were busy and then there was silence on the other end.

Can you believe it? I received a phone call from this number at 2 in the morning. How outrageous is that?

I received a call from this number, but the person on the other end remained silent. It's disappointing that individuals would call without a valid reason, unless their intent is to scam or harass others. This behavior is highly inappropriate and should be condemned.

I received a call informing me that my ATT account was about to be blocked. The caller gave me the option to press 1 to unblock it or press 2 to speak to a representative. I wisely chose to disconnect the call and avoid falling victim to this fraudulent scheme.

I received a notification stating that my Verizon account had been suspended. However, I must clarify that I do not possess a Verizon account.

I receive this phone call every single day, and I am eager to put an end to it.

Please refrain from contacting me. You do not possess the ability to communicate in English, dear fool.

It's so irritating that they constantly call me every day. I wish they would just leave me alone.

Attempting to deceive individuals in order to obtain their personal information is known as phishing.

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