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When the phone rang, someone quickly answered with a greeting, and abruptly ended the call.

I attempted to request a phone conversation and ultimately ended up receiving a barrage of offensive language due to my inquiry.

Beware of fraudulent calls. It is advisable to ignore them, hang up immediately or pretend to cooperate without providing any authentic information.

Every day, you receive phone calls where the caller hangs up as soon as you answer.

The person making the call claims to be from "Visa & Mastercard Verification Financial" and requested my date of birth. When I declined, they abruptly ended the call...! It is essential not to disclose any personal information to any unknown callers if you are not comfortable with the call.

I chose not to respond and promptly blocked the caller's number. Despite this, he persisted and made another attempt to contact within a mere five minutes. I can't help but wonder how many phone numbers my device can actually block in total.

In the past two hours, there have been five instances where someone called and abruptly ended the call.

During the span of one hour, my phone registered twelve instances of a call from this particular number!

I am being constantly called at regular intervals, approximately seven times within the past hour. However, it is peculiar that each time I answer, there is complete silence on the other end of the line.

We have received three consecutive calls from this number. Despite our repeated refusals, the caller refused to take "no" for an answer and upset my husband to the point of being impolite. They even called back a second time, and my husband's response was even ruder in order to make it clear that we are not interested. Surprisingly, the caller called a third time specifically asking for my husband. When I informed him that my husband couldn't come to the phone, he actually had the audacity to ask me why. After firmly expressing our disinterest in switching from Visa to Mastercard and requesting him not to call us again, he proceeded to swear at me before hanging up. We are baffled by the behavior of these people, especially considering the Asian accent mentioned in the comments.

The caller requested to speak with my mother, who passed away five years ago.

Kindly cease making calls from this number. It is unsolicited and unwanted.

I recently received a phone call from that particular number and there was complete silence on the other end, followed by an abrupt disconnection.

I will not respond to a missed call.

I was unable to respond, so the answering machine was activated and played our message. However, he repeatedly said "Hello? Hello?" before ending the call.

I made a few phone calls, asking for someone by name. Unfortunately, I learned that I had dialled the wrong number and promptly hung up the phone.

I received a call for me, but they mistakenly called me Mrs. They had an Asian accent at the beginning. The caller claimed that I was the primary cardholder for both my Visa and MasterCard, and mentioned that I have good credit and a history of paying my bills on time. Realizing this was a scam, I immediately declined their offer. However, the caller repeated their claim about my good credit and bill payments. Again, I firmly said no. Then unexpectedly, the caller switched to a Canadian accent, exclaimed profanities and abruptly hung up. It was quite amusing, possibly the funniest call I've ever had. Adding to the humour of the situation, I don't even own any credit cards! Haha.

I mentioned that I was the main holder of the Visa card, and they were offering an MSNB MasterCard with a 6% interest rate. Curious, I inquired about how they knew that I was the primary cardholder and how they obtained my information. Before I could receive an explanation, the person abruptly ended the call.

I received a phone call where the person requested to speak with me and claimed to be an employee of Visa and MasterCard. I found it odd that they mentioned working for both companies, so I inquired further about their role. However, due to their limited command of English, I could not comprehend the response. To test their legitimacy, I asked which specific card I possessed - Visa or MasterCard. To my amusement, the caller incorrectly claimed that I had both cards. Realizing it was a scam, I ended the conversation and promptly hung up, advising them on what they could do with their deceitful activities.

I received a call where the person asked if I was me by using my name. Once I confirmed my name, they mentioned that they wanted to have a conversation with me regarding my MasterCard, but abruptly ended the call.

Listen, I replied without any identification and then hung up abruptly.

It is impolite to hang up without identifying yourself, so please listen to my response.

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