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I've been receiving text messages stating that my card ending in 876816 has been used overseas. If I'm worried, I should call this number immediately. However, here's the twist - I'm not even a customer of TSB bank. So, to nip it in the bud, I've blocked the number on my phone. But now they're using a different number. It's definitely a scam!

Please be cautious, as a TSB text message states that there is important information. However, when you try calling the provided number, you are unable to connect.

Yesterday, I received a message from this number stating that a new security number was being sent as per my request. However, I did not make any such request. So, I decided to contact the bank, and they confirmed that there were no records of any requests. It appears to be an attempted fraud.

Received text notification: "We would like to confirm that your appointment with Daryl Pickering from TSB Bank has been scheduled for tomorrow at 16:00. If you require any changes, kindly contact us at 08459758758." However, since I don't have an account with TSB Bank, this seems suspicious.
Daryl PickeringTSB Bank

My apologies, but you are implicated in this scam! In reality, they have distanced themselves from Lloyds.

BEWARE of scams! If you receive any text messages from either of these numbers: 08459758758 or +442032841575 (international), and you hold an account with TSB, contact your bank immediately using the phone number stated on the back of your card. This is a fraudulent activity, so ensure you inquire with your bank whether anyone has recently contacted them requesting any modifications to your account. TSB has just verified that there was a call made to them yesterday, and they claim that new information was requested to be sent to my address. It is important to note that I haven't communicated with TSB over the phone in the last 2 years.

ATTENTION! If you receive a message from TSB with any of these numbers: "08459758758" or from abroad "+442032841575", consider it as an alert. Please refrain from calling them. It is important to stay vigilant as there have been reports of attempts to hack other bank accounts. Today, my card with another bank was cancelled due to a second attempt by unknown individuals who also ordered a replacement card to be sent to my address. Yesterday at 11pm, I received the same message that many others have described. Following this, my card was cancelled today. When I contacted my bank (not TSB), they informed me that someone had called them yesterday at 10:30pm and again 20 minutes prior to my call today. They had fraudulently cancelled my card and ordered a replacement. If you have also received this message, it is essential for you to monitor all your cards, regardless of the bank they are associated with.

I have received a message from this phone number and wanted to alert you that it is not from TSB; it is actually a scam. Please be cautious!

I received a phone call from a number claiming to be the TSB fraud squad. The caller gave me a false name and informed me that there were a couple of unauthorized transactions on my Visa debit card from Argos. They asked if I had lost my card, so I quickly checked and realized it was still in my bag. Then the caller dialed my mobile number and told me to verify it with the number on my debit card. Luckily, I noticed that only one digit was different, 08459 instead of 03459, thanks to my glasses. At this point, I started becoming suspicious of the call. I expressed my unhappiness and mentioned that I would be contacting the bank. I hung up, but the caller interrupted a couple of times when I tried calling the bank. After waiting a few minutes, I finally managed to contact the bank. To my surprise, no one by that name worked in the fraud team at TSB. Please be warned about similar calls.

I just received a text message from TSB informing me about a payment made with my card ending in **** in Germany. The message advised me to call the mentioned contact number if I had concerns. I promptly checked my bank statement but found no record of such activity. Suspecting this to be a scam, I have decided to wait until Monday to inform my bank.

I don't have a TSB account, but I received a text message stating that a payment was made at 5:25 pm. The message also mentioned the last few digits of a bank card. I couldn't confirm it because I was driving at the mentioned time and, as I mentioned earlier, I don't have a TSB account.

I received an SMS from the same number as well.

A payment was made in Luxembourg using your debit card ending in ...(correct number provided)... If you are concerned, please contact us at 08459758758 or from abroad at +442032841575. There are many scammers using modern technology nowadays.

Interestingly, I also received a text message along with the regular ones I receive from TSB. However, the mention of Luxembourg made me think twice. Instead of calling, I decided to go home and check my account balance online. To my relief, there were no suspicious payments. I will wait until tomorrow and personally visit the bank to explain the situation.

I received a text message from that number too. The message said that my debit card, the one ending in ... (the number was correct), was used for a payment in Luxembourg. They provided two numbers to call, one for local calls and one for calls from abroad. They also mentioned that there are many scammers using technology these days. It was strange to receive a message like this, especially mixed in with the other messages I usually get from TSB. But it made me think. Instead of calling right away, I decided to go home and check my online bank account balance first. I didn't see any suspicious payments there. I think I'll wait until tomorrow and then go to the bank in person to explain the situation.

Received a message from TSB, informing me that my card had been used in Luxembourg. I called the provided number but it prompted me to enter my account or card number. I immediately ended the call, suspecting it might be a scam.

Received a message regarding an appointment with TSB bank and a contact number to call for rescheduling, but since I am not a TSB customer, I decided to investigate the number and discovered that it belongs to a fraudulent entity.

I received a text claiming to be from TSB, but I am not a customer of Lloyds TSB and never have been. The message contained a confirmation of telephone banking details.

Received a call from this number, but the caller didn’t bother to leave a voicemail. Quite odd, really.

We're now TSB Phone Banking, as we've recently merged with Lloyds. To reflect this change, we're providing you with our new phone number.
TSB Phone BankingLloyds

I have been wrongly billed for using a phone number that I haven't even dialed. The culprit seems to be TSB.

I received a call from this number on 24th September at 5:25 PM. I didn't say anything and hung up immediately as I knew it was a cold call. Today, I received my bill from Virgin, which showed a cost of 95p for a 10-minute call duration.

I haven't created an account yet, but it claims to be sending me my banking phone number.

I did not make a request to TSB for a Telephone Banking Security Number.

I have been informed that I have created an account and need to respond. However, I would like to clarify that I have not opened any account recently.

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