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At their most optimistic, these individuals are opportunists, but at their worst, they can be fraudulent individuals. It's best to avoid interacting with them, as they aren't worth your time.

I have been bothered by annoying phone calls wherein individuals with Asian accents insist on gathering information about various projects. Interestingly, they are using commonly used English names.

We frequently receive calls at our office from a person who claims to be from Glenigan. The individual is usually an Indian man named Christopher or occasionally a foreign lady. Interestingly, they have also been known to call using different company names in the past, such as Cranfield Properties and even Merit Properties. We have informed Glenigan about this misuse of their name.

We have been receiving persistent calls at our workplace from an Indian man who claims to be from Cranfield Contraction. He keeps requesting to speak with our Quantity Surveyor regarding some property projects we have worked on, but he refuses to provide a contact number. I made a note of the number he called from and attempted to return the call, but I was unable to get through. Additionally, he repeatedly asks for emails and information. I am planning to confront him about this when he phones again.

A lady called me to inquire about the progress of a contract that had been assigned to me. I questioned her about the reason behind her enquiry, to which she replied that her company supplied materials for the project. She then asked if I had commenced the demolition work. In response, I counter-asked if she intended to provide me with the necessary materials. The conversation then returned to the original question of whether I had begun the project or not. I informed her that I did not require her services and promptly ended the call.

I have activated the auto block feature for this specific number on my mobile device. I strongly recommend that everyone takes the same action to ensure they do not receive any disturbing calls or messages.

We receive around 6 calls per week from this number, always inquiring about specific surveyors at our company. Whenever we request them to call back, they either hang up abruptly or claim they do not possess a direct contact number. We have politely requested them to refrain from calling us any further, but unfortunately, they continue to disregard our requests. This situation has become incredibly bothersome, to the point where we have memorized the number and now simply choose not to answer when it appears on our phone screen.

Throughout the day, our company receives numerous calls from the number 0203 4752572. The callers identify themselves as Cranfield Properties and Cranfield Construction, and they seem to be seeking details about our ongoing projects. Despite repeatedly informing them not to contact us, they persistently continue to call us multiple times a day. In fact, on certain occasions, we are bombarded with 7-8 calls in a single day. Our attempts to discourage them, such as abruptly terminating the calls or even shouting at them, have proven ineffective. As a result, we find ourselves extremely frustrated and fed up with this situation.

I received a call at the company where I work as a receptionist. The caller wanted to know if the construction had begun on a residential project. Since I was uncertain about this, I politely requested more information to be able to verify it and promptly get back to the caller. However, when I asked her for a contact number, she refused to provide one. Oddly enough, the number from which the call originated was displayed on my caller ID. It struck me as quite unusual.

I received a call from this number, but they hung up without leaving a message. I've been getting several similar calls lately. These frequent interruptions are troubling, especially because I am unwell and in need of rest. Having googled the number, it appears to be linked to a specific company. However, the description provided on their website is quite unclear. It seems they are involved in "managing for other companies" but it's difficult to understand the exact nature of their services. It would be helpful if someone could conduct a further investigation on my behalf. As an elderly and frail individual, I am concerned about potential consequences if I were to receive even more unwanted calls. You can find the company's information on their website: http://alexander-webb.com/interim_management.html

The telephone rang, and as I picked it up, I remained silent. A voice introduced itself as Stanley, but I swiftly ended the call. They called once more from the exact same number a minute later, but I decided to ignore their attempt to reach me. Moving forward, I will continue to disregard any future calls from this number.

I received a phone call from a firm named "HR Nation" to verify the accuracy of the names and addresses. Surprisingly, they insisted on not submitting their request through email.

I am greatly concerned as my 97-year-old mother received a call from an unfamiliar number inquiring about her newspaper subscription. She feels frightened by such calls, and this worries me immensely. I am determined to find out the identity of the caller and plan to report this incident to the police first thing in the morning.

Ignore the incoming call and let it go unanswered, as the individuals on the other end simply disconnect the call. It's quite bothersome, especially considering that there is someone unwell in the house.

I made a similar foolish error where the local newspaper wasn't delivered to my verified address. Does anyone have any idea what the motive behind this is? It's causing me great concern. To the individuals who called tonight, inquiring about the situation, whether you're from a 'boiler room' or 'whatever', I feel deeply ashamed of your actions! Trust me, whatever it is you're attempting to deceive people into is not worth it! I hope you find yourself in a regrettable place, as I believe we'll reunite there eventually!

A woman rang and inquired about the local newspaper and then asked if I resided at my current address. Without considering the possible consequences, I mindlessly replied in confirmation. Immediately, she abruptly ended the call. Approximately five minutes later, I received two calls from 0091148 (likely another fraudulent number), and they hung up as soon as I answered. Were they checking if I am home? Now, I am concerned about leaving the house.

Despite our continuous requests to cease contacting us, we still receive phone calls from unknown numbers. It is worth noting that this persistent activity goes against the law, as we have specifically requested a halt to it. Moreover, whenever we inquire about the identity of the calling company, they abruptly terminate the call.

We were inquired about receiving the complimentary neighbourhood newspaper, and then requested to verify our address, which the caller already knew! Unsure if it was a legitimate call or someone assessing our presence at home. It caused some concern for us.

I fail to understand the motive behind their constant phone calls as I simply disconnect the calls.

When I answer the phone, I don't say anything. Instead, I turn up the volume on my TV or radio and let them pay for the call. I keep it that way until they hang up, which is usually very quickly. International callers also get annoyed and tired of staying on the line.

I keep receiving calls from this number consistently, starting from 8am till 10pm every day. My elderly neighbor also gets these calls, and unfortunately, she answered one where they asked for her name.

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