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Earlier today, I received a call from the number 01864340198, which turned out to be a fraudulent scam. The person on the other line claimed to be from my telephone company and attempted to lure me with a bogus offer of a 30% monthly discount for a duration of eight months.

I received a phone call today from someone claiming to be 3network. They said that as a loyal customer, they could offer me my existing contract for just £20 per month. However, I became suspicious when they asked for my bank details, so I immediately ended the call.

I received a phone call, but when I picked up, there was no response and the caller quickly ended the call.

Phone Number: 01864340198 My mobile has flagged this number as a potential active fraud scam. I am currently in Poole, Dorset, and it is 25th May 2025, 10:20 AM.

I received a phone call that claimed to be from the Three network.

I believe this is a scam.

Bogus phone call claims to be from O2

Obviously suspicious.

The number 01864340198 is purporting to be associated with Three Network's mobile services.

I received a call earlier today from a number belonging to a neighbouring town. Assuming it was not a scam, I decided to answer. However, on the other end of the line, I was met with eerie laughter, followed by the caller abruptly disconnecting after a few failed attempts at conversation.

Beware of deceitful tactics and don't fall for scams. The situation is not as fortunate as it may seem.

Beware of spam! It is important to exercise caution as AI systems have the ability to record and replicate your voice.

I received a call from a person with a noticeable Indian accent, claiming to be from EE, but the number was supposedly from Scotland. They were offering a 40% discount and requested personal information. I want to warn everyone to be cautious and not trust such calls.

Received a call claiming to be from O2, which was quite peculiar because it's a company-provided phone. Moreover, my work phone is connected to the Vodafone network.

The person claimed to represent a company that I strongly dislike. They made an offer of the newest iPhone for only £33 per month on a two-year contract, with unlimited everything. However, when I inquired about the total cost by multiplying £33 by 24 months, considering that the phone itself is priced higher, they had no knowledge of it. It is advisable not to provide your card details in such situations.

Today, I received a phone call from them but I chose not to answer because I usually don't respond to unfamiliar numbers that have location names on them.

I received a phone call from a presumed Scottish number. However, upon answering, there was complete silence, followed by the abrupt end of the call.

I received a call this morning from someone who claimed to be from EE. However, I suspected it was a scam call, as I could hear a lot of noise in the background - most likely coming from India, judging by the accent of the person on the other end. Nevertheless, I decided to prolong the conversation in order to waste their time and prevent them from bothering others.

There was no response, and no message was left, suggesting it was most likely spam.

Received a nuisance call today from an individual claiming to be from O2, insisting on discussing my contract for O2 mobile services.

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