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Every day between 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, this company keeps calling non-stop. The TPS (Telephone Preference Service) is completely useless in this situation. Since my landline provider is now SKY, I have decided to contact them to inquire about implementing a call barring feature.
TPSTelephone Preference Service

These individuals have an incredibly high level of persistence. We have also ensured our registration with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service), but unfortunately, it seems to be utterly ineffective. In just five days last month, we were subjected to a staggering 13 calls from them. Fortunately, we were not at home during that time! However, as TalkTalk customers, we have taken measures to block their number. Hopefully, this will bring us the long-awaited tranquility we seek.
TPSTelephone Preference ServiceTalkTalk

What an utter waste of time and a proper nuisance...!

I regularly receive phone calls from this number but no messages are left, and no one speaks when I answer. The caller simply lets it ring without saying anything. It is their money being wasted, not mine.

Regularly making telephone calls

There was complete silence for around 45 seconds on the other end of the line, while I repeatedly and politely said 'hello?'. Eventually, I hung up the phone. This happened at approximately 4:55 pm.

The person who called was clearly drunk and constantly yawning. They couldn't even say my name correctly. I decided to end the call and won't be picking up their calls anymore.

The call was answered, but suddenly the line disconnected.

I am constantly receiving calls on my mobile phone from unwanted callers. Although I choose not to answer these calls, it is quite bothersome.

Every day, we receive silent calls on our landline, even though we are registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).
Telephone Preference ServiceTPS

I receive calls from this number every day, but now I no longer answer because nobody says anything. Isn't there anything that can be done about them?

I've had enough of receiving phone calls from this particular number. Each time, no one responds when I answer, so my new approach is to simply let it ring unnoticed.

The person continues to call regularly, which is extremely bothersome. As a result, I have decided to ignore their calls and refrain from answering.

In the UK, lawyers specialize in handling claims related to hearing loss. However, it is expected that they also handle other types of claims, such as PPI claims and so on, that stem from similar sources. These issues can be quite troublesome and burdensome for individuals affected by them.

My mobile received three calls over the course of two days. However, when I answered, I only heard a series of beeps before the call abruptly ended with a "call failed" message.

I received a phone call on my mobile recently, and a few weeks ago too. I'm unsure about the identity of the caller, as they never leave a message. It appears that they have been bothering many others as well. I can't help but question the effectiveness of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), since I also receive numerous calls on my landline. I have been registered with TPS for several months now.
Telephone Preference ServiceTPS

I have been receiving calls from this particular number every day since April 12th. It's frustrating because whenever I answer, the caller hangs up immediately. I am already registered with TPS and my number is ex directory. At this point, I am seriously considering involving the police to put an end to these calls.

I have recently been contacted by someone from the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) claiming that they received my contact information from an insurance company. It's worth noting that I haven't filed an insurance claim in the last 20 years, although I did inquire about health insurance on a separate occasion. The TPS representative, who is located near Preston as per their notification, had a Manchester-based number and was kind enough not to withhold it. The gentleman was friendly and agreed to add my number to their "internal TPS" list.
TPSTelephone Preference ServicePreston

I received a phone call on my mobile early one Saturday morning! Luckily, my phone was on silent, so I decided to search for the number before returning the call.

I've received a total of five phone calls today and, to be honest, I'm seriously thinking about changing my number. I feel quite irritated about it.

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