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I received a response to my advertisement on Auto Trader, but the individual requested that I email them my PayPal details. Upon investigating further, I discovered it is a scam. Therefore, I strongly advise everyone to avoid engaging with this person. Furthermore, I have reported the incident to the authorities as an act of fraud.

Just received a text message asking, 'Hi, we met today. Are you up for a date?' Absolutely not, I don't think so!

I have been receiving alarming messages from this specific number, where the sender seems to possess knowledge about my identity and address.

I had someone interested in purchasing my car even though they hadn't seen it in person. I received advice not to accept payment through PayPal but they were willing to transfer the funds via BACS.

I received a message in response to my Gumtree advertisement asking me to communicate via email. However, I suspected that it might be a scam after verifying the phone number. As a result, I decided not to pursue it any further. Dealing with these individuals is simply not worth my time or energy.

I had a spare room available in my house that I wanted to rent out. However, I encountered a situation with Kathy trying to deceive me. She claimed she would transfer a certain amount of money into my bank account but requested that I pay for her luggage transportation from my end to Western Union. She insisted she was on an oil rig in New Zealand and needed help with sending her luggage. It was clearly a scam since they even presented a counterfeit ID with the name Katherine Ann Weir from Manassas, Virginia. We must exercise caution as the scammers are said to be operating from Glasgow.

Beware of fraudulent individuals attempting to scam you through PayPal. Do not fall victim to their deceitful tactics.

I am receiving alarming text messages on my mobile phone that include my name and address. I am aware of the person responsible, but I can't understand how they are using this number since they reside in England.

Be thoroughly cautious while interacting with advertisements on Gumtree. I recently encountered a scam where I responded to an advert, and subsequently received an email which appeared to be from 'PayPal', but was in fact fraudulent. The email deceitfully claimed that money had been deposited into my account. Thankfully, I did not fall for the scam, although I can empathize with others who might. It is crucial to exercise caution when dealing with emails of this nature and always verify the status of your PayPal account yourself instead of relying solely on email notifications.

Yet another fraudulent phone number. I want to catch these pests.

Be cautious when dealing with individuals who contact you via a phone number to inquire about purchasing a bike listed on Gumtree. They may suggest completing the transaction through PayPal and ask you to email them in order to confirm. However, exercise caution as this could be a scam. The person may claim to be overseas, intending to collect the bike once the money has been sent through PayPal. Please remember that if the funds sent through PayPal are discovered to be from a stolen card, you may lose both your item and the money involved. It's always important to exercise caution when dealing with such buyers!

Be cautious when encountering a situation where someone wishes to purchase an item posted on Gumtree without even seeing it beforehand. Recently, I experienced such an occurrence when a prospective buyer contacted me via email, expressing interest in purchasing my item. This individual claimed that they would deposit the payment directly into my account. However, it soon became apparent that the buyer's intentions were not genuine, as this was a scam attempt. Please do not fall victim to such schemes.

Beware! Just like previous cases, this is a fraudulent number. Please refrain from responding to it.

I have received a text message requesting that I get in touch with them, and they have provided me with an email address to send further information.

Dodgy characters seem to be thriving on platforms like Gumtree and eBay these days. It's rather baffling, isn't it? I mean, why on earth would someone ring up from Glasgow just to inquire about a price that's clearly stated in the advert? It’s as if common sense has taken a holiday!

I was contacted by someone above who was interested in something I was selling. They gave me their email address, which made me suspicious. However, out of curiosity, I decided to send them an email. As the conversation progressed, it became increasingly absurd. I decided to check the phone numbers they provided using Google, and it confirmed my suspicions. Now here we are.

Received a text asking about the availability of the item I had listed for sale, accompanied by an email address for further communication. It appears to be a scam, as genuine buyers would typically prefer to call rather than text.

I received a message from someone, inquiring about the availability of the item I had put up for sale. They also provided me with an email address to contact them.

I received a text from someone inquiring about the car I'm selling. They shared all the necessary details and even provided their email address. However, after reading various comments regarding this individual, I am feeling quite hesitant.

I recently received a text message with the words "tic toc". When I tried to call the number it came from, I couldn't reach anyone as there was only an answering machine. It's frustrating to encounter these types of numbers, and I hope that something can be done to ban them.

My former landline number is being persistently called by unidentified individuals. I can hear a commotion in the background resembling that of a bustling call centre, with people engaged in typing or conversing on other phones. This is an absolute nuisance and should no longer be permitted.

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