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Beware of scams! I received a call earlier posing as a representative from D&G, the washing machine insurance company. The caller became flustered and abruptly ended the call when I began to question him about the legitimacy of his request for my bank details. It's essential to stay vigilant and avoid falling victim to these fraudulent schemes.
D & G

They repeatedly make calls, but refuse to respond when I call them back. Is this a scam?

I own a BT Guardian phone which is supposed to block calls from numbers that are not saved in my contacts. However, I am still constantly receiving calls regarding washing machine insurance that manage to go through and bother me.
BT Guardian

I received a call from 0121 655 0261 at half eleven on the 7th of December, 2017, and the chap on the line spoke with a rather posh accent. He insisted he was from 'D,A,G' and was notifying me about my washing machine insurance coming to an end. Realising this was all a ruse, I cheekily inquired if it had something to do with my 'claim'. He informed me he was in the renewals section, not claims. So, I quipped, 'Let me speak to the claims department, you muppet.' The caller got a bit huffy, threatening to hang up since I called him a muppet. I said, 'Oh come on, don’t dawdle, just connect me to claims, you daft git!' Scammer: 'So, I’m a daft git now, am I...?' (Clearly rattled at this point) Me: 'What are you going to do about it then? Fancy popping 'round to deal with me?' Scammer: 'I’m a git, is that it...?’ Me: 'Absolutely, come over, and I’ll give your face a nice lick!' After that, I ended the call, had a cheeky smoke, and had a right good chuckle!

I have been receiving phone calls every day for the past two weeks. The person hangs up as soon as the answering machine starts recording.

I have received five calls from this particular number over the past fortnight. Every time I pick up, they abruptly end the call without uttering a word. I haven't bothered attempting to return their call. It's quite clear that they are involved in some dubious activity!

I received a call today from D at G, informing me that my washing machine insurance had expired. However, this information is incorrect as my insurance is still valid. The caller knew my name, but I have experienced similar calls in the past, which leads me to suspect that this call may be part of a scam.

repeatedly making phone calls and abruptly ending the conversation

In the past two days, I have received three phone calls, but every time they hang up before I can have a conversation with them. Since my caller display only shows 655 0261, it appears to be a local number from the 0121 exchange, making me think it might be someone I am acquainted with.

Be aware that this phone number is fake, and I strongly advise you not to be deceived by this fraudulent activity.

I keep receiving calls from this particular number, and every time I attempt to return the call, it goes straight to voicemail. It's really frustrating! However, I'm glad that I decided to look up the number. Thank you for giving me the warning!

I recently encountered a scam where someone attempted to sell me insurance by pretending to be my insurance provider. When I asked them for the policy reference number as verification, they abruptly ended the call.

I replied that Mr. ... was unavailable. They inquired about his presence and I asked for clarification. However, without further communication, the call was abruptly ended.

I receive multiple daily phone calls from this particular number. However, every time I answer, there is just a dial tone on the other end. My suspicion is that it could be a PPI company based in Birmingham.

Be cautious as the washing machine scam does not include insurance. Be on high alert.

Earlier today, I received a call from the aforementioned number. The person on the other end informed me that my washing machine insurance was about to expire. They suggested that as a valued customer, they could offer me a three-year insurance plan for £199. However, I promptly informed them that I already had insurance coverage from Curry's. They acknowledged this but noted that I was only paying £4 per month for it. I clarified that my monthly payments were significantly higher than that. After realizing their mistake, they apologized and hang up the phone when I decided to stick with my current Curry's insurance. As a 70-year-old individual, I may be older in age, but not naive enough to fall for such a scam.

I received a phone call today from this number. They hung up as soon as I answered. Another waste of time! I tried calling them back, but all I got was an answering machine! Such nuisance callers!

I received a phone call informing me that I have been making payments for quite some time. They mentioned reducing the payment amount, but then requested my bank details. I ended up making the payment through direct debit.

I received an unexpected phone call from a group of dodgy individuals claiming that my D&G Hotpoint plan was expiring today. They tried to convince me to extend it for another three years at the price of two, promising it would save me money. However, there was a catch - they wanted double what I currently pay! I became suspicious when they asked for my payment card details, especially since I usually pay by direct debit. Sensing something fishy, I requested they send me the paperwork instead. To my surprise, the call suddenly ended abruptly. I attempted the old trick of calling back, only to be put on an annoyingly long hold with a robotic American voice repeatedly informing me about the importance of my call and urging me to wait for the next available agent (which probably meant waiting until I reached my golden years).
D & G Hotpoint

Today, a call was received from this particular number inquiring about the desire to extend our coverage. The individual on the other end of the line mentioned that our appliance was identified as a Hotpoint washing machine. However, it is important to note that we have never possessed such a machine. Remarkably, their authenticity was rather convincing! Fortunately, we have taken the necessary precaution and added this number to our blacklist.

They go by the name V&G and claim to offer insurance for washing machines and other appliances. This is the second time they have contacted us, attempting to sound like D&G, the well-known Domestic & General insurers. Who is sharing our personal information with them?
V & GD & GDomestic & General

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