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Programme Update

Kings Fund and NIMHE launch a guide to partnership working to tackle poor mental health within the wider context of social exclusion
Thursday 25 September, 2003

This guide demonstrates the benefits that can be gained when mental health and regeneration agencies work collaboratively. It is designed to enable a wide range of individuals and agencies to learn more about each other's perspectives, and to find innovative ways of using that learning to achieve common goals, such as reducing health inqualities.
Download Community Renewal and Mental Health: Strengthening the Links 

Challenging Exclusion in Further Education

As part of its social inclusion programme, NIMHE has built on a partnership with National Institute for Adult and Continuing Education (NIACE) that dates back to the joint DoH and Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health's Citizenship and Community Programme.

Our partnership is all about improving the levels of access to mainstream Adult, Community and Further Education for people with mental health problems. It links to "Making Inclusion Work", the resource pack developed through the social inclusion programme to support local capacity building.

An early action has been the publication of a survey of existing provision, looking at how much progress has been made since the Tomlinson Report of 1996. The survey was launched on 8 May in Adult Learners Week.

Download: Access to Adult Education for People Diagnosed with Mental Health Problems

Watch this space for updated information on this exciting project!


Social inclusion is a key value in NIMHE, a central strand in the Equalities programme and a major imperative for any work that stands for fairness, justice and opportunity.

NIMHE starts from a commitment to supporting the efforts of mental health service users and local organisations in delivering access to the mainstream opportunities that are so important to hope, ambition and recovery.

Closely aligned with mental health promotion and the action strategies for overcoming barriers based on race and gender, the programme draws on concepts from the worlds of social capital, renewal and regeneration in setting an agenda to promote opportunity through action at both individual and organisational levels.

Achieving real change in the lives of communities and members of communities who are recovering from mental health difficulties, represents a challenge. This tract references the range of tools and approaches that are being brought together to address this challenge in a �joined up� way.

Download paper on Social Inclusion

How to get involved

For further information please contact David Morris, [email protected].

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