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Mental Health Improvement Partnership

The Mental Health Improvement Partnership (MHIP) pilot sites were launched at a national stakeholder event on 12 March 2004. The Partnerships will enable local Mental Health communities to take a joined-up approach to improve Service Users' experiences rapidly by redesigning the way services are delivered at all stages of the Service User's journey.

The Partnerships will address the mental health service needs of people of all ages, as well as those with learning disabilities.

Each partnership will:

  • Undertake a needs assessment
  • Receive tailored support to help local services improve
  • Plan to develop the local capacity and culture of continuous improvement

Further information about the four pilot sites can be found either on local development centre web sites or by contacting the relevant Development Centre Client Manager.

MHIP pilot community Local Support
Lead Trust Programme Lead Development Centre Client Manager
Leicestershire Partnership Liz Howes East Midlands Julia French
South Staffordshire Healthcare Sarah Hankey West Midlands Jenny Dalloway
South West London and St George's Tracy Davies London Fionuala Bonnar
South West Yorkshire to be confirmed North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Dave Belshaw

Partnership Development

Each Pilot will agree a bespoke Partnership Plan, which will identify the improvements required and the change strategy to successfully implement them. NIMHE will provide additional short-term capacity and ensure that the Partnerships have access to the latest thinking in mental health service improvement. The learning and outcomes of the pilot phase will inform the development of a national implementation strategy for 2005/6 to roll out MHIPs throughout the rest of the country.

Early Actions

Each pilot community will be holding a launch event with local stakeholders during April and May.

How to get involved

For further information please contact James Seward, the National Programme Director; E: [email protected]

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