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The aim of this programme is to develop a user- friendly, web-based picture of progress locally, incorporating service mapping, self assessment, financial mapping and ultimately outcomes measurements. It will include the work on new tools being led by the Mental Health branch at the Department of Health.

We hope the Intelligence Programme will deliver a number of benefits:

  • Local Implementation Teams (LITs) will be able to compare their services with others in England
  • an academic resource for researchers and other professionals
  • a reliable source of information for reporting on progress in policy delivery to Ministers
  • to assist Strategic Health Authorities in their role in performance management and the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI and its successor body), which inspects mental health services
  • for the general public, service users and their families to gain a meaningful description and picture of the quality of services in their local area.

As well as providing a central point of access to information and intelligence, the work will help drive up data quality, giving people leading change a valuable tool to implement change.

Connecting and developing information and intelligence will be a gradual process. Initially, we will bring together information on service mapping, financial mapping, LIT self assessments and information that is already regularly compiled at national level. In the longer term we will be adding new outcome measures, which are being developed throught the Outcomes Project.

Further work will be completed to scope this programme and a national network will be established to help inform progress.

Download self assessment and service mapping
Download guidelines for completion

Update on Progress

Discussions are under way with Pennine NHS Trust and the North West Development Centre about hosting the programme. Potential collaborators, including CHI, are meeting in early 2003 to explore the programme and its deliverables in more detail.

Download Intelligence in progress Project Summary.

How to get involved

For further information about the programme contact Katy Calvin Thomas, email: [email protected]

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  • Self assessment and service mapping
  • Guidelines for completion
  • Intelligence in progress Project Summary
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