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Welcome to Work Streams

At CONNECTIONS 2003, our main annual event, we published an annual review and three year strategic plan. While we will adapt to changing circumstances, we have agreed our core priorities as:

  • System transformation.
  • Workforce development.
  • Changes in practice.

Our national work programmes (see right) will be developed and implemented within the context of these aims.

In addition to our current national programmes, we are beginning to extend our work to include areas such as:

  • Personality disorder.
  • Prison mental health.
  • Mental health and learning disability (some support is already offered in this area as part of the access, booking and choice programme).

NIMHE already supports services and communities for people of all ages, but we will continue to roll out this activity with a range of new projects and initiatives which will improve the quality of services for all and reach out to communities for people of all ages.

Service redesign

"A key objective for all of us, whatever our role, is to continually look for ways to improve the experience and care of patients. Many improvements have been achieved already, whether part of a large national programme, or on a much smaller scale, through the commitment of a small team of healthcare staff. Everyone involved in such projects has gained so much knowledge about initiating and sustaining these improvements."

David Fillingham, Director NHS Modernisation Agency, April 2002

We value development as change is an everyday part of our lives. We believe it is about creating a culture where reflection, learning and innovation is everyday practice for all of us. In this section, we focus on:

  • Developing NIMHE's core competencies in supporting people and organisations to implement change
  • [email protected], an opportunity to share an innovative idea to improve mental health
  • Understanding an organisation's existing processes for implementing change and generic process redesign techniques.

Contact details

NIMHE Programme Leads: Ingrid Steele: Director of Programmes and Communications, Tom Dodd: Deputy Director of Programmes

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