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The NIMHE BME Mental Health programme is the largest of the current NIMHE Programmes, reflecting the priority of BME issues within mental health services, and outside of those services. The consultation on Delivering Race Equality: A Framework for Action closed on 27th February 2004, and a final document will be published in the early summer.

The aims of the NIMHE BME programme are to:

  • Enhance the quality of life, challenge exclusion through improved mental health services & health outcomes
  • Develop appropriate training and support to staff to deliver culturally competent services, with confidence
  • Enhance, or build capacity within black and minority communities and the voluntary sector to deal with mental health and mental ill health.
  • To ensure compliance with Statutory obligations, [RR[A]Act 2000, Human Rights Act 1998

The final Delivering Race Equality document will provide a framework for action, with a clear time frame for delivery.

Three generic building blocks provide structure to the BME programme:

Better quality and more appropriately used information

Work in this building block includes a planned national census, and qualitative exploration, of all black and minority individuals in inpatient facilities [March 2005]. The Mental Health Act Commission leads this work.
The steering Group is Chaired by Prof David Sallah, University of Wolverhampton.

Appropriate and Responsive Services

Work on pathways to care and suicide prevention has been commissioned. Development of education and training to support culturally competent services is in development. A number of national figures are involved in this work.
Initial contact should be made through Rachel Munton, E: [email protected]

Community engagement

We apologise for the removal of these documents from the website, whilst they are revised to reflect the up to date picture and timetable for implementation. In the meantime you can contract Ursula Turner on 0113 254 5441 or [email protected] for further information.

Community Development Workers

These new appointments will take on a variety of roles, dictated as far as possible by the particular and identified needs of the communities from which they are drawn. Further information and discussion can be found on some development centre sites.

Race Equality Lead Development Centre
Selina Ullah, E: [email protected] North East, Yorkshire and Humberside
Asha Day, E: [email protected] East Midlands
Dean Pinnock, E: [email protected] Eastern
Olivia Nuamah, E: olivia.nuamah@londondevelopment
Alpa Kapasi, E: alpa.kapasi@londondevelopment
Poppy Jaman, E: [email protected] South East
Mark Patterson, E:[email protected] South West
Ranjit Senghera, E: [email protected] West Midlands
Manjeet Singh, E: [email protected] North West

Research, Audit & Evaluation

Each element of this programme will be subject to rigorous evaluation, and the results used to develop subsequent project phases. This programme is a dynamic and fast paced set of initiatives, with a commitment to ongoing dialogue with experts in the field: service users, carers, voluntary groups and others.

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  • 2 Projects
  • 5 Local Delivery Stories
  • 10 News Items
  • 18 Publications
  • National Strategic Director
    Professor Kamlesh Patel
    Interim Programme Director (secondment):

    Rachel Munton
    Lead Development Centre Director: Dean Repper (NW)

    Key Publications:

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