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"Better Care Without Delay"

The five simple rules of service redesign:

  • See things through users' eyes
  • Find a better way of doing things
  • Look at whole picture
  • Give front line staff time and tools to tackle problems
  • Take small steps as well as big leaps

In the field of Mental Health Services there has been the impression that all initiatives regarding improvement of care delivery and services are aimed at the more general and "attractive" fields of health care, such as cancer, heart disease, child health etc. So when ABC was rolled out to Mental Health Services in October 2002, the enthusiasm and encouragement from Mental Health teams was overwhelming.

A programme of local workshops

The National Team liases with each NIMHE development centre to offer a bespoke service for local workshops.

The project consists of an initial half day workshop to promote the project, primarily aimed at senior managers, so that the people carrying out projects have the time and authority to fulfil the commitment of change. Project leads are named at this point, so they can co-ordinate information to project team members.

Core project teams of 5 to 7 members are invited to phase 2 and a wider project group of approximately 20 are encouraged. The involvement of service users is actively encouraged at the earliest possible opportunity.

The next stage happens some three to four weeks later, focussing on the theory of service redesign, process mapping, Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles (PDSA), managing diversity and change in teams, as well as demand and capacity exercises. There are also presentations from people who have practical experience of the redesign process and service user and carer perspectives.

Between the end of phase two and the phase three a number of supportive process mapping "surgeries" are held locally, organised by the local development centres and jointly facilitated whenever possible by a member of the national team. These are seen as the start of the spreading best practice sessions and sharing the positive and negative aspects encountered by project teams.

The third phase is a gathering of teams with completed process maps and usually 7 to 13 PDSA cycles often in various states of completion.

The one thing these teams bring is a change of view regarding both the redesign tool and the enthusiasm it helped foster in their teams. The national team has also offered support to indicative zero star trusts and individual mental health communities that have had specific concerns. The tools and techniques and the use of national team as outside facilitators is having marked success.

The national team is also assisting in the development of national learning sets for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and is hoping to develop other national learning sets with particular services .

In June 2003 at the NIMHE National Conference in London there will be a national celebration event for the teams who have participated to let the nation know what they have done and how they managed to do it.

The national team events would lose a great deal of effect without the following people who add personal experience of the project, service redesign tools and technique and or of mental health service delivery, first hand. The groups of people involved has grown as the number of people involved with the project increases, as it spreads nationally:

Laurie Bryant, Service User Consultant [email protected]
Fionuala Bonnar, Dementia Services Development Manager (The East Kent Pilot Site) [email protected]
Jenny Dalloway, Project Manager (Birmingham Pilot Site), [email protected]
Bernie O'Hare, National Booking Programme, bernard.o'[email protected]

How to get involved

Please feel free to contact any member of the national team, listed in the right hand panel, for further help and assistance.

Contact details

James Seward
654 The Crescent
Colchester Business Park
T: 01206 287578
F: 01206 287597
M: 07867 526739

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  • 48 Local Delivery Stories
  • 5 Publications
  • ABC team:
    Jackie Ardley
    Joint Programme Lead NIMHE/NTA
    Mark Norman
    National Programme Manager
    Phillip Newhouse
    Service User Champion
    Chris Ives
    Carer Champion
    Paula Bastow
    Project Administrator

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