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The SHASSI Mental Health Network, chaired by Jenny Bywaters, is the key forum for regular dialogue between the Mental Health Group at the centre, the 28 Strategic Health Authority (SHA) mental health leads and the Social Services Inspectorate (SSI), who are the key links with the 162 Local Implementation Teams (LITs).

The agenda includes all matters affecting delivery of the mental health programme across the country. It provides an opportunity to discuss policy updates, alert the field to forthcoming guidance, and to deal with issues concerning service mapping and performance assessment. NIMHE Development Centre Directors, who support delivery, are also invited to attend.

Part of each meeting is devoted to discussion in local groups based on the previous Department of Health and Social Security (DHSC) configuration. The meeting is highly valued by SHA and SSI leads, and provides an important personal development opportunity, particularly for those who are relatively new to the mental health field.

News Update

Clarification on conforming with the Mental Health Policy Information Guide (MHPIG)
It is critical that we deliver on our mental health targets. To help ensure we do a 'Fidelity and Flexibility' paper has been developed. This follows from a number of questions raised on whether it is mandatory to conform with the Mental Health Policy Information Guide (MHPIG) in every detail, and what scope there is for flexibility given that the MHPIG talks about tailoring services to local needs. The paper outlines the agreed criteria on these issues following consultation with SHA mental health leads and CHI.
Download: Counting Community Teams: Issues in Fidelity and Flexibility
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Forthcoming Meetings

21 January 2004 (London)
30 March 2004 (Leeds)
05 May 2004 (London)
21 July 2004 (Leeds)
22 September 2004 (London)
01 December 2004 (Leeds)

Who’s involved?

  • Jenny Bywaters (Chair), Director of Professional Liaison and Public Health
  • SHA mental health leads
  • Inspectors, SSI
  • NIMHE Development Centre Directors
  • DH Policy and NIMHE Programme leads

How can I get involved?
Given the high number of people involved, invitations cannot be extended to anyone outside of the network. However if you wish to link in locally you should contact your SHA mental health lead or NIMHE development centre.

Contact Details

For further information about the network please contact Donna Terry who provides secretariat, E: Donna Terry

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Donna Terry

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  • Counting Community Teams: Issues in Fidelity and Flexibility
  • The Capable Lit
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