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Welcome to Your Local NIMHE

NIMHE's eight regional development centres are the local face of NIMHE, working alongside a wide network of local stakeholders and providing practical support to service development. Some of these centres have grown out of existing mental health organisations and some are new.

Stakeholders in each region have been involved in developing a draft framework for the service level agreements that govern each centre's programme of work. This process should ensure that our network of mental health development cetnres will be implementing work programmes which are consistent with national policy and have wide local support.

The agreements with each Centre highlight seven core areas of work:

  • developing learning sets and networks
  • gathering and disseminating information
  • involving local stakeholders
  • influencing and advising training and education programmes
  • promoting and developing leadership
  • developing partnerships across their local community
  • working with organisations responsible for performance management - BUT, development centres are not responsible for performance management.


For further information and contact information for individual centres choose a region and click on the map on the left.

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