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Publications available in print or as pdf documents are listed alphabetically by title. Titles link to a description of the publication and, in some cases, a downloadable file.

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A – F

Access to Adult Education for People Diagnosed with Mental Health Problems : Report of a National Postal Survey of Colleges of Further Education, Local Authority Adult Education Services and Workers Educational Associations
Acute Inpatient Mental Health Care: Education, Training & Continuing Professional Development for All :
Adult Acute Inpatient Care Provision : Mental Health Policy Implementation Guide
Advice to PHCTs to complete the Mental Health Q and O Framework :
All Our Tomorrows : Inverting the triangle of care
An Agenda for change: Inititatives and Good Practice Examples : Partnership working between Mental Health and Housing
An Evaluation of the use of the Children Act 1989 and the Mental Health Act 1983 in Children and Adolescents in Psychiatric Settings (CAMHA-CAPS) :
Assessing Mental Health Needs of Older People :
Attitudes to Mental Illness in Great Britain: : National Statistics on adults' attitudes to mental illness in Great Britain
Breaking the Circles of Fear : A review of the relationship between mental health services and African and Caribbean communities
Breaking the Cycle of Rejection : The Personality Disorder Capabilities Framework
Building the Discipline of Improvement in Health and Social Care :
CAMHS Booking Programme : Project Report
Career Intentions in Psychiatric Trainees and Consultants :
Carers and Confidentiality :
Cases for Change 1 - 5 : An overview of the evidence which is driving the agenda for change: Booklets 1- 5
Cases for Change 6-10 : An overview of the evidence that is driving the agenda for change: Booklets 6-10
Celebrating our Cultures: African Caribbean :
Celebrating our Cultures: Asylum Seekers & Refugees :
Celebrating our Cultures: Chinese :
Celebrating our Cultures: Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion with Black and Minority Ethnic Communites :
Celebrating our Cultures: Irish :
Celebrating our Cultures: South Asian :
Changing the Outlook: : A Strategy for Developing Mental Health Services in Prisons
Checklist for Improving the management of patients with mental ill health in emergency care settings. :
Clinical Guidelines Development Process and Methods :
Community Development Workers for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities :
Community Mental Health Teams : Mental Health Policy Implementation Guide
Community Renewal and Mental Health : Strengthening the Links
Complex Evaluations Workshop Report : This report is of interest to anyone interested in the future of research and development in mental health care.
Contact : A Directory for Mental Health
David Bennett Inquiry : Report of the Idependent Inquiry
Delivering Race Equality : A Framework for action, Consultation document
Delivering race equality in mental health care: An action plan for reform inside and outside services and the Government :
Developing Positive Practice to Support the Safe and Therapeutic Management of Aggression and Violence in Mental Health Inpatient Settings : Mental Health Policy Implementation Guide
Discharge from Hospital : Getting it Right for People with Dementia
Draft protocols for depression and dementia : Draft protocols submitted for sharing
Dual Diagnosis Good Practice Guide : Mental Health Policy Implementation Guide
Early intervention for people with psychosis : Expert Briefing
Effective Care Co-ordination in Mental Health Services : Modernising the Care Programme Approach
Emerging Best Practises In Mental Health Recovery :
Employment for people with mental health problems, Expert Briefing :
Engaging and Changing : Developing effective policy for the care and treatment of Black and minority ethnic detained patients
Enhanced Services Specification for depression under the new GP contract: a commissioning guidebook :

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F – N

Fast Forwarding Primary Care Mental Health, Gateway Workers : Guidance
Fast Forwarding Primary Care Mental Health, Graduate Primary Care Mental Health Workers, : Best Practice Guidance
From Here to Equality : A strategic plan to tackle stigma and discrimination on mental health grounds, 2004-2009
Getting the Right Start : NSF for Children
Green Light : How Good Are Your Mental Health Services for People with Learning Disabilities?
Guidance for the contents of protocols for the care and management of older people with mental health problems :
Hear what I say : Developing dementia advocacy services
High Impact Changes - A Leader :
Home and Mobile Workers - Survival Kit :
Improvement Leaders’ Guides Series 3 :
Information sources for the evidence base to support improvement to mental health and social care :
Inside Outside : Improving Mental Health Services for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in England'
Integrating Older People : Community Mental Health Teams for Older People, A commentary and resource
Interfaces Project Report : Exploring the links between mental health services for children, adults and families
Investigation into matters arising from care on Rowan ward : CHI Investigation and Recommendations
KnowDepression : An educational programme for patients with depression supported by Lundbeck Limited.
Layers of Leadership : Hidden influencers of healthcare improvement
Letting Through Light: Ealing Service User :
Line Managers : A practical guide to managing and supporting mental health in the workplace
List of Health Technology Assessment projects relevant to mental health :
Living with Schizophrenia :
Mainstreaming Gender and Women's Mental Health : Implementation Guidance
Making Inclusion Work :
Mental Health Declaration and Action Plan :
Mental Health Policy Implementation Guide :
Mental Health Services - Workforce Design and Development : Best Practice Guidance
National Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Study (NICAPS) :
National Minimum Standards for Psychiatric Intensive Care Units and Low Secure Environments :
National Occupational Standards for Mental Health (NOS) :
National Service Framework for Adult Mental Health :
National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England : Annual Report on progress 2003
National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England :
New Roles for Psychiatrists : Consultation Report
New Ways of Working for Psychiatrists - Interim Report :
NHS Service Delivery and Organisation Programme research projects relevant to mental health :
NIMHE Annual Review 04 :
NIMHE Guiding Statement on Recovery :
Not Alone : Report on Mind and NOP surveys on Isolation and Mental Distress
NSF for older people :

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O – Z

Older People Mental Health Audit Tool : Discussion document created for Northumberland Tyne and Wear Strategic Health Authority
Organising and Delivering Psychological Therapies :
Parliamentary Select Committee into Elder Abuse : Report
Personality Disorder papers : Supporting papers to guidance
Personality Disorder: No Longer a Diagnosis of Exclusion :
Post-qualifying mental health training : Expert Briefing
Preventing Suicide : A Toolkit for Mental Health Services
PRIMHE Resource Pack : Promoting mental health, cultivating social inclusion and managing mental health problems in primary care
Priorities in Mental Health Research :
Processes of Disengagement and Engagement with Assertive Outreach : Executive Summary
Promoting Mental Health: A resource for spiritual and pastoral care :
Protocols for Secure Services : Protocol for Work Between High Secure Hospital Social Care Services and Local Authority Social Services Departments
Real Voices : Survey Findings from a series of community consultation events involving Black and minortiy ethnic groups in England
Recovery and Change - Modernising Mental Health : NIMHE Annual Report and Strategic Plan 2003/04-2005/06
Responses to Choosing Health consultation :
Schizophrenia Guideline : Core interventions in the treatment and management of schizophrenia in primary and secondary care
Scoping Review on Mental Health Anti Stigma and Discrimination : A review of what works most effectively in changing attitudes and behaviour towards mental health issues
Second annual report published on national Suicide Prevention Strategy for England :
Self-help interventions for mental health problems : Expert Briefing
Social Care Services and the Social Perspective : Towards a social model for learning disabilities services
Spreading Sustainable Improvement : Case study research: National Booking Programme
Support, Time and Recovery (STR) workers : Guidance
Systematic Review of the Efficacy and Safety of Electroconvulsive Therapy :
Template for Intermediate Care for People with Dementia :
Ten Essential Capabilities :
The health and care of older people in care homes : Working Party report
The National Mental Health Workforce Strategy :
The NSF for Mental Health - Five Years On :
The Value of Everything : Social work and its importance in the field of mental health by Peter Gilbert
Towards Equity and Access - Mental Health and Deafness Best Practice Guidance :
Transforming Mental Health Care :
Whole Team Training and Workplace Learning : A User's Guide to recreating the work place as a learning community
Women's Mental Health: Into the Mainstream : Draft Strategy
Women-only and women-sensitive mental health services : Expert Briefing
Workforce Newsletter : Issue 3
Working Well Report : Report on Department of Health Working Well Programme 2003-2003
Workload and working patterns in consultant psychiatrists :

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